Alli vs Lipobind – Which is better?

Which is the best fat binder?


Fat Binders like Alli and Lipobind have become increasingly popular over recent years, thanks to their ability to absorb fat while cutting daily calorie intake.

However, it is important to understand that both current market leaders work in entirely different ways.

While Alli and Lipobind both claim to cut around a quarter of dietary fat intake, Lipobind appears to offer a number of extra benefits. Namely a much lower risk of any adverse reactions.

So how does Lipobind work?

alli-vs-lipobind-img4Lipobind contains natural cactus plant extracts which cuts calorie and fat intake in two ways. The fibre complex claims to -

alli-vs-lipobind-img1 Bind to undigested fat molecules making them too large to be stored by the body.

alli-vs-lipobind-img Form a slow digesting solution in the stomach leaving you fuller much more quickly, and preventing hunger for 2-3 hours.

Lipobind is effectively two products for the price of one, being both a natural fat binder and a mild appetite suppressant.

Clinical trials have shown that a typical meal can have its fat content slashed by around 25-30%, this equates to around a 150 calorie saving on an average meal. Buy Lipobind online

How does Alli work?

alli-vs-lipobind-img5Alli on the other-hand contains the controversial pharmaceutical drug – Orlistat. Although the concentrations of this drug are much lower than those found in Xenical (the prescription only version of Alli), it can still cause a wide range of side effects.

Recently the American Food and Drug Administration announced they were to investigate Alli’s key ingredient over serious reports of liver damage and heart problems.

The results of the investigation are yet to be published, but its uncertain outcome has certainly had a knock on effect on sales of Alli over recent months. Buy Alli online

Alli versus Lipobind conclusion

alli-vs-lipobind-img6Given the choice between the two, our recommendation for an effective yet safe fat binder has to be Lipobind.

Surprisingly, for what is effectively a herbal supplement, Lipobind offers clinically proven fat binding and can additionally help control cravings and snacking.

Lipobind also appears to avoid both serious and embarrassing side effects such as the “Alli oops” – a phrase used to describe the sudden release of the bowels, startlingly common amongst Alli users who consume high fat meals.

Where to buy Lipobind

The latest and improved version of Lipobind (containing a new vitamin complex) is available from evolution Slimming for just £24.99.

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