Where to buy Active Chilean Rainforest honey

What is Chilean Rainforest Honey?

active chilean rainforest honeyChilean Rainforest Honey is said to be the latest skincare product to hit the US, where sales of this natural face pack have increased by 400% since April this year.

The honey (which is also edible) comes from the nectar of Tineo, ULmo and Quillay trees which grows wild in the Valdivian rainforests of South Chile.

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How does it work?

The honey is naturally acidic and contains enzymes which help remove dead skin cells and renew the skins surface. The Honey is said to be especially effective at repairing sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and dreaded stretch marks.

How effective is Chilean Rainforest Honey?

Those who have used Rainforest Honey on their skin are said to have been shocked by the results, with studies showing it is twice as effective as high-street moisturises, thanks to its abundance of highly beneficial anti-ageing minerals and vitamins.

Are there any side effects?

chilean rainforest honeyAs a 100% natural product it is highly unlikely to cause any negative reaction, however as with any skin cream, it may be worth testing a small amount first before you apply a full face pack.

Where can you buy Chilean Rainforest Honey?

Currently the only stockists in the UK appear to be Holland and Barretts who sell the full range in various concentrations. The cheapest jar is only £9.49 (10+ active) while the 40+ active costs £35.99 for a 227g jar.

Click to see the full range at Holland and Barrett

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